Europe’s climate strategy of burning wood for energy isn’t working

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By Linde Zuidema, Bioenergy campaigner at FERN. Opposition to the use of forest biomass for energy generation is going mainstream, writes Linde Zuidema, as evidence builds that wood is being burnt in large scale inefficient coal-fired power stations. Every day resistance is growing to the use of wood as a renewable energy. Environmental NGOs have long opposed the use of ‘forest biomass’ […]

Project for a large-scale biomass plant in Belgium cancelled

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By Arnaud Collignon, Energy officer at Fédération Inter-Environnement Wallonie. The project, aimed at converting an old Belgian coal power plant into a large-scale biomass power plant, definitely now seems to be a thing of the past. Wallonia, Belgium’s French-speaking region, just decided to definitely abandon its project to develop a 200MW wood chips power plant. The decision […]

Forests and habitats in exchange for energy?

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By Zeynep Karasin, Media relations officer at BirdLife Europe & Central Asia. BirdLife Europe and Central Asia’s statement on the Renewable Energy Directive vote in the European Parliament’s environmental committee on the evening of the 23 October 2017: Today’s vote in the Parliament confirms the EU’s commitment to phasing out damaging biofuels in transport but completely fails […]

NGOs concerned with Finland’s impact on EU’s climate ambition and forests write the Finnish Government

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This open letter from 18 civil society organisations was sent to the Finish Minister of the Environment, Energy and Housing Kimmo Tiilikainen and to the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Jari Leppä on 20 October 2017 – following the LULUCF decision of the Council and ahead of the Renewable Energy Directive votes in the European […]

Swedish NGOs urge European Parliament to radically improve the Renewable Energy Directive

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By Sini Eräjää, EU bioenergy policy officer at BirdLife Europe & Central Asia. In an open letter, Swedish environmental NGOs urge Members of the European Parliament to account for the full emissions and environmental impacts of biofuels in the Renewable Energy Directive. The current proposal leads to increased harvests as trees from natural forests are burned as […]

Around half of EU production of crop biodiesel is based on imports, not crops grown by EU farmers – new analysis

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By Nico Muzi, Director of Communications at Transport & Environment. An analysis of the European Commission’s agriculture data shows that 53% of feedstocks (vegetable oils mainly from rapeseed, palm and soya) used to produce crop biodiesel in EU installations in 2015 was imported, not grown in Europe as the biofuels industry would like people to think. […]

Over 100 scientific studies confirm biofuels policies increase food prices – study

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By Nico Muzi, Director of Communications at Transport & Environment. Despite industry’s desperate efforts to deny the impact of biofuels on food prices, a new study shows there is wide scientific consensus that biofuels policies increase global food prices. The analysis, conducted by consultancy Cerulogy for BirdLife Europe & Central Asia and Transport & Environment, reviews over 100 […]