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Heading for a repeat of past mistakes on biofuels?

By Jori Sihvonen, Clean Fuels Officer at Transport & Environment. People who have heard of the renewable energy directive (RED) often associate it with the overall renewables obligation for all sectors – the 20% target until 2020. On Tuesday 28th of November the industry, research and energy committee (ITRE), in charge of the file, will […]

Europe’s climate strategy of burning wood for energy isn’t working

By Linde Zuidema, Bioenergy campaigner at FERN. Opposition to the use of forest biomass for energy generation is going mainstream, writes Linde Zuidema, as evidence builds that wood is being burnt in large scale inefficient coal-fired power stations. Every day resistance is growing to the use of wood as a renewable energy. Environmental NGOs have long opposed the use of ‘forest biomass’ […]

Project for a large-scale biomass plant in Belgium cancelled

By Arnaud Collignon, Energy officer at Fédération Inter-Environnement Wallonie. The project, aimed at converting an old Belgian coal power plant into a large-scale biomass power plant, definitely now seems to be a thing of the past. Wallonia, Belgium’s French-speaking region, just decided to definitely abandon its project to develop a 200MW wood chips power plant. The decision […]

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