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When EU environment policy is so bad it inspires Donald Trump

By Sasha Stashwick, senior advocate with the Climate & Clean Energy program at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Kenneth Richter, Bioenergy consultant at BirdLife Europe & Central Asia and NRDC. While Donald Trump has mocked the reality of climate change, EU leaders like to think of Europe as a global front-runner in reducing […]

Hundreds rally in opposition at the International Bioenergy Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Southerners Stand Against Growing Demand For EU Bioenergy

By Adam Colette, Program Director at Dogwood Alliance. Over the past several months, the European Union has spent huge amounts of time debating the impacts the bioenergy industry. Parliamentarians have heard loud and clear from their colleagues, scientists and civil society that burning forests for fuel is bad for our climate, forests, and communities. Yet, […]

What is a ‘Trilogue’ and why it can make or break our forests

By Kenneth Richter, Bioenergy consultant at BirdLife Europe & Central Asia. We have been keeping you updated with the developments on European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive and the danger dirty bioenergy poses.   The negotiations are now slowly moving into home straight. Unfortunately, things are not looking too good right now, but there is still hope for […]

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