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Reaction to EP vote on LULUCF – we’re not out of the woods yet!

By Gui Xi Young, Editor and Campaigns Officer at BirdLife Europe & Central Asia. BirdLife Europe & Central Asia welcomes the European Parliament’s increased recognition of the important role that forests, land and ecosystems will have to play in order to reach the targets of the Paris Agreement – recognition that is clearly reflected by the intensive […]

What have been the impacts of EU’s renewable energy policies on forests?

By Sini Eräjää, EU bioenergy policy officer at BirdLife Europe & Central Asia. Ahead of crucial times at the European Parliament for climate change and forests, the NGOs Fern, Birdlife Europe and Transport & Environment are presenting a new study that gives new insight to the impacts of the Renewable Energy Directive on Europe’s forests. The study […]

Lead MEP wants full climate impact of biofuels accounted for

By Laura Buffet, Manager, Clean Fuels at Transport & Environment. The full climate impact of biofuels used in Europe would have to be accounted for by countries for the first time, the European Parliament’s lead member on biofuels reform has proposed. If passed, the reform would mean high-emitting biofuels – mainly food-based biodiesel such as […]

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