Answers to the EU renewable energy rules public consultation

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on the Renewable Energy Directive, if you join our campaign this is the answer we will send to the European Commission on your behalf automatically.

3.7.3 Do you think that there should be limits on the type of feedstock to be used for bioenergy production under REDII?

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For many years, EU policies have encouraged types of bioenergy that increase emissions compared to fossil fuels and exacerbate pressure on forest biodiversity. Member States are subsidising this harmful industry to the tune of billions of euros every year.

The hugely negative unintended consequences of using crops to produce biofuels for cars have already been recognised for years now, but the impacts of the EU’s incentives for burning forest biomass are no less alarming or counterproductive.

Harvesting forests for energy will typically increase GHG emissions compared to fossil fuels for decades or even centuries regardless of how sustainably the forests in question were managed. The requirements regarding Sustainable Forest Management and land use accounting are in no way a proxy for the climate impacts of burning specific feedstocks.

Unless and until the EU seriously reforms its bioenergy policies they will continue to undermine climate, air quality, and biodiversity objectives and our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, and cause serious harm to the EU’s international reputation.

As a concerned EU citizen, I ask you when reviewing the Renewable Energy Directive to make the European Green Deal a reality by ending EU support for burning trees and crops for energy.