Another lost opportunity – An analysis of bioenergy sustainability in the new Renewable Energy Directive

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By Kenneth Richter, Bioenergy consultant at BirdLife Europe & Central Asia At 4:00am on June 14 exhausted negotiators of the EU Parliament and European Council agreed on a new framework for renewable energy – the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) – for the time between 2020 and 2030. Despite best efforts by the Parliament (credit to negotiator […]

Hundreds rally in opposition at the International Bioenergy Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Southerners Stand Against Growing Demand For EU Bioenergy

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By Adam Colette, Program Director at Dogwood Alliance. Over the past several months, the European Union has spent huge amounts of time debating the impacts the bioenergy industry. Parliamentarians have heard loud and clear from their colleagues, scientists and civil society that burning forests for fuel is bad for our climate, forests, and communities. Yet, […]

European Parliament bioenergy stance strikes a devastating blow for wildlife and climate, threatening to undermine progressive steps elsewhere on clean energy

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By Matt Williams, Policy Officer at RSPB. Thursday, 18 January 2018’s vote by MEPs on the future of renewable energy in Europe was overall a blow to forests, wildlife and the climate as they bowed to pressure from the farming and forestry industries and failed to take the opportunity to rule out the use of environmentally harmful biomass. Despite the pleas of […]

Clean energy vote: MEPs sell out climate, nature & people to please intensive farming & forestry lobby

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By Alice Collier and Matt Williams, Policy Officers at RSPB. Today’s European Parliament vote, like yesterday’s marine vote, delivers yet another dramatic death blow to our living planet. Razing whole forests to the ground to feed our energy use releases vastly increased carbon into our atmosphere; carbon which would otherwise be naturally stored in the forest. Converting […]

Europe’s climate strategy of burning wood for energy isn’t working

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By Linde Zuidema, Bioenergy campaigner at FERN. Opposition to the use of forest biomass for energy generation is going mainstream, writes Linde Zuidema, as evidence builds that wood is being burnt in large scale inefficient coal-fired power stations. Every day resistance is growing to the use of wood as a renewable energy. Environmental NGOs have long opposed the use of ‘forest biomass’ […]

Forests and habitats in exchange for energy?

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By Zeynep Karasin, Media relations officer at BirdLife Europe & Central Asia. BirdLife Europe and Central Asia’s statement on the Renewable Energy Directive vote in the European Parliament’s environmental committee on the evening of the 23 October 2017: Today’s vote in the Parliament confirms the EU’s commitment to phasing out damaging biofuels in transport but completely fails […]

The European Parliament made it clear: Stop promoting biofuels that cause deforestation!

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By Cristina Mestre, Climate & Biofuels Officer at Transport & Environment. MEPs don’t want to see biofuels that cause deforestation being used within EU borders, and they want them out of the EU market as soon as possible. They’ve asked the European Commission to do so through a report on palm oil and deforestation of rainforests […]