What is a ‘Trilogue’ and why it can make or break our forests

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By Kenneth Richter, Bioenergy consultant at BirdLife Europe & Central Asia. We have been keeping you updated with the developments on European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive and the danger dirty bioenergy poses.   The negotiations are now slowly moving into home straight. Unfortunately, things are not looking too good right now, but there is still hope for […]


Nothing green about burning wood for electricity

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Jeremy Wates, the Secretary General of the European Environment Bureau in Brussels, explains in a letter to Britain’s The Independent newspaper how there is ‘Nothing green about burning wood for electricity‘ By burning wood pellets instead of coal Drax power station has turned green, according to your report “Green energy: How one power plant chips away at the […]

Case studies

DRAX, UK – Up in Flames

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By guest author Fred Pearce, author and journalist – article from Fern’s report ‘Up in Flames’ Drax is one of Europe’s largest power stations. Its 12 giant cooling towers dominate the landscape of the Trent Valley in eastern England. It generates up to 4,000 megawatts of electricity – meeting a tenth of the UK’s demand – […]