French NGOs fire back against the French biodiesel lobby

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A political debate about where renewable energy is heading post-2020 has started, so it’s not a coincidence that the biofuels industry is pulling out some big guns to extol its merits. The Réseau Action Climat (RAC), France nature environnement; the Fédération nationale d’agriculture biologique; Oxfam France and La Confédération paysanne, have just fired back with some weapons of their own.

Biofuels, doesn’t look like France is learning from mistakes

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Biofuels, doesn’t look like France is learning from mistakes By guest author Camille Dorioz, Chargé de mission agriculture, FNE and Cyrielle Denhartigh, Responsible at Agriculture et Alimentation, RAC France can be viewed as the nerve center of European biofuels production. Thanks to lobbying by the national agricultural sector and agroindustry, biofuels only continue to spread across the […]

‘Threatened forests’ the hidden truth behind EU ‘green energy’

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The film ‘Threatened forests’ reveals the hidden truth behind “green energy” in the EU. It’s being shown on right now, a moment when the European Commission is consulting stakeholders on sustainable bioenergy policy. Filmmaker Benoit Grimont made this documentary because he was struck by the regional opposition, socio-economic and environmental impacts caused by the development […]

Gardanne, France – How biomass burning wrecks Europe’s forests

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By guest author Fred Pearce, author and journalist – article from Fern’s report ‘Up in Flames’ Gardanne, near Marseilles in southern France, is a small town with a large power station. The Centrale Thermique de Provence has the tallest chimney in France. At 300 metres high, it is only just shorter than the Eiffel Tower and dominates the […]