Green Invasion

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Green Invasion By guest author Fred Pearce, author and journalist Europe’s once peaceful forests are being invaded – in the name of green energy. To meet European Union policies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting renewable electricity and heating, governments from France to Romania are providing huge subsidies for the expansion of biomass burning […]

10 reasons why bioenergy is NOT carbon neutral, says IPCC author William Moomaw

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William Moomaw1, respected professor and lead IPCC author, wants to set the record straight. He spoke at the European Parliament last week to explain why bioenergy is not automatically carbon neutral and we are proud to present his video speech on You may have heard and so believe that the International Panel on Climate Change […]

EU power plants are hungry for U.S. forests

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Climate Central, an American watchdog, is drawing attention to one of Europe’s most deceptive illusions on climate change. One which arises from a rather convenient legal loophole that treats energy generated from burning wood as ‘carbon neutral’. As Climate Central explains in Pulp Fiction (their special report on bioenergy) this is an entirely false perception. […]